Establishing a state of gratitude

I’m so glad you’re even looking at this post.  Thank you. To help establish you in a deeper state of gratitude, I have a few questions for you:  What’s the difference between actual gratitude and the word “gratitude”? What is the feeling sense? How grateful are you for how well your life is going at […]

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When will I not be hurt at all?

I read the following in Swami Venkatesananda’s “Insights and Reflections” and it has had such a profound effect on me and the way I deal with situations that “trigger” me: “When will I not be hurt at all? When I realize that what is hurt is only the ego, my own self image, a shadow […]

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prana cigarettes

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Perfect vs. Ideal

How many of you know someone who accepts themselves just as they are? How many of you know people who are far too critical of themselves? When I ask this first question in class, very few people raise their hands. Some think of their pets. Some have a friend or mentor. What is it we […]

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Karma, Samskara, Potholes and the Splits

Yoga and several other eastern philosophies are built around the concept of the wheel of karma and samskara. Karma is action.  Samskara is the imprint of the action: the unresolvedness of the action. POTHOLES, a metaphor Where I grew up there were still a few dirt roads left.  I’d often see in these dirt roads […]

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Yoga and Emotions

Leaving class the other day I overheard something both beautiful and curious. A student who was leaving the class I just taught said to someone who hadn’t, something like “I want to go home and have a good cry.”  The other person (I’ll call them “Chris”) said “I know, I always feel like that after his class, […]

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What is Spirituality?

I’ve been meeting with a group called the Center for World Spirituality. What’s exciting to me about them is that they seem to be creating a place for Spirituality to blossom independent of religion. For people to foster their connection to spirit rather than their connection to a place or system of worship. Which has […]

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