Karla R.

David Schlussel is not only an inspiring yoga teacher, he is also an amazing life coach!

As a yoga teacher, while taking a class with David, I could see that he has a beautiful practice. I was curious about his teaching so took one of his classes and was pleased (but not surprised) that he is also very knowledgeable about both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. His enthusiasm is infectious, which is both uplifting and motivating. After taking a few of his classes, I knew that I wanted to work with him as a life coach.

David’s firm belief in our innate goodness is the basis of his approach. David helped me establish a clearer understanding of my goals and helped me identify and work through some personal roadblocks. Because of his significant (life coach) training; positive and insightful listening skills; and gentle yet dogged task-mastery, I have achieved a number of my goals. If you seek happiness and peace, David can definitely help!


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