Mark Collins

I really enjoyed your class last week.  It motivated me, in fact, to come back again this week , . . . and that’s not so easy to do!  Only today there was a young lady there with a completely different Yoga style to offer.  A perfectly fine one in fact, it just didn’t leave […]

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Lisa Hyde

I recently found myself in a very stressful situation. I had begun a new job, my husband had left the country for 5 months, and I was new to town. When things began to get overwhelming at work I felt I had nowhere to turn and no one to turn to for help. I had […]

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Christina Sanders

David Schlussel has the ability to get right to the heart of what’s in the way of having what you want, and to help dissolve it with humor, wisdom, and a deep presence.  In just one session with David I felt seen and understood.  I gained a deeper insight into what was holding me back, […]

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Frances Wocicki

Just want to say Thank You again. I feel like I’ve just had an amazing swim in the ocean — a little sweat, a few tears — and have come out feeling alive, refreshed, relaxed, open. Thanks. That was great.

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Karyn Amore

“So much shifted for me since I took your Sunday morning yoga class at Ecstatic Dance last week, David. I am grateful for your heart-opening, expansive wisdom and lightness of being! Look forward to next week!

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Brianna Smyk

I only had to go to David Schlussel’s yoga classes at 7th Heaven Yoga & Wellness Center in Berkeley to know he was an excellent teacher. He is one of those rare yoga instructors who seems to be able to feel the stretch of his student’s bodies and cater what he says in his classes […]

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Joan Ellis

I had been on a search for a yoga teacher for several years when I stumbled into David’s class. After studying with the same teacher for 12 years in San Francisco, I was ready to end my commute and deep inside I knew I wanted a different style of teacher. In one class, I knew […]

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I had a hip surgery a few years ago, and hadn’t been able to bend my leg past 90 degrees since… until one day, at David’s class, he held my hands in a squat with my legs at that 90 degree limit.  Something about the way he supported me there helped me find the strength […]

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Things I especially appreciate: 1.  Precision.  For me, precise alignment is very important (maybe I get this from all of those ballet classes?) and I feel that you pay the right kind of attention to where the body is in space without making a yoga class or session feel like a geometry lesson. 2.  Professionalism.  […]

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Julie S.

David has been an intricate part of my yoga experience here in the bay area. I stumbled upon his class at 7th heaven studio in Berkeley by happenstance and couldn’t be happier. David has an amazing way of tying in all the aspects of yoga that I love so gracefully. He is specific about aligning the […]

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