Kaibrina Sky

I can confirm that David will be able to help anyone. A couple years ago I was struggling with an injury that was causing me constant pain. As a result I was not moving/dancing/stretching the way I usually do. The only real relief was the way I felt after taking class with David. I ended […]

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Alicia Smiley

Every thoughtful word David utters speaks directly to my heart.  He has an incredible gift of gently nudging old thought patterns off of their track and replacing them with possibility, self-acceptance, hope, love, and tenderness.   I suffer from the common condition of believing that I need to be perfect, I need to do more, […]

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david kriozere

D. K.

I could go to hundreds of public yoga classes but not get anything close to how your private classes help me with the physical, energetic and healing wonders of yoga. I’ve relied for many years on yoga to center and ground me. David’s powerful, intuitive coaching helps get to the core of yoga postures and […]

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