Kaibrina Sky

I can confirm that David will be able to help anyone. A couple years ago I was struggling with an injury that was causing me constant pain. As a result I was not moving/dancing/stretching the way I usually do. The only real relief was the way I felt after taking class with David. I ended […]

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Tameka Lim

Dear David, Some reflection since October 2008… Open Here changed my whole life. It was there and with your coaching, that I set forth into action a chain of events that have lead me to now. NOW being; living and experiencing the goals I set back in 2008. This realization of my life goals have […]

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Lia Monya

There are ENDLESS WONDERFUL THINGS TO SAY ABOUT DAVID and his teaching style!! I adore his tues/thurs 9am class. One of the things I love most about yoga is that you don’t have to be in any particular state or condition to practice. You come as you are, and work with your body (all points […]

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Adrian Klaphaak

I went to see David for 1:1 yoga sessions to help heal a herniated disk in my back. I’ve had the injury for almost 10 years and I’ve tried everything from acupuncture to western medicine. After several months of sessions with David, I can say that my back feels better than ever and the yoga […]

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Pete Alvarez Jr

I took an intro to yoga workshop and with it came a week of free lessons.  I happened in on one of David’s classes and I intend to go back at least once a week.  He was very open and welcoming to this newbie.  He manner is gentle while encouraging always reminding us to be […]

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Alicia Smiley

Every thoughtful word David utters speaks directly to my heart.  He has an incredible gift of gently nudging old thought patterns off of their track and replacing them with possibility, self-acceptance, hope, love, and tenderness.   I suffer from the common condition of believing that I need to be perfect, I need to do more, […]

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Isaac Meadow

I hired David as a coach and found it very helpful. I was at a major decision point in my life and David helped me get clear and move towards a life more in alignment with my highest purpose. It’s been a few months since I worked with him and the wisdom, advice, and clarity […]

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david kriozere

David Kriozere

I could go to hundreds of public yoga classes but not get anything close to how your private classes help me with the physical, energetic and healing wonders of yoga. I’ve relied for many years on yoga to center and ground me. David’s powerful, intuitive coaching helps get to the core of yoga postures and […]

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Jen Hilgert, CMT

I’m so grateful to know David. My overall health and well being has greatly improved since I’ve started taking his classes. He has incredible knowledge of the body, giving great instruction on alignment and breathing. David also brings wonderful insight to each class. I always walk away with a new perspective on my life, emotions, […]

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D. H.

David is a wonderful yoga teacher.  He manages to be very specific about alignment and healthy poses while also bringing in the broader picture of how the mind and body can work together to improve one’s life.  His is the one yoga class I will get myself to. I’ve also taken private classes, which fixed […]

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