Mme X x.

David is an excellent yoga instructor and private yoga coach. I’ve done many styles of yoga for many years and while I almost always enjoy class (it is yoga after all!) there aren’t that many teachers that make me want to get in there specifically to work with them. David gives a great (and very […]

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Carla C.

I was lucky enough to take a class from David five years ago. I haven’t stopped going to his classes since. David’s caring approach makes yoga accessible and enjoyable. One of his mantras, “go for the wow, not for the ow,” exemplifies his philosophy as a teacher. He is also a kind and gentle human […]

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Ciel Bido

A great teacher, which I consider you to be, is one who inspires, motivates, and challenges without being strict or rigid. Who allows room for openness and creativity for students to express each pose. What I also appreciate is one your roots in the Anusara school of though without being over-spiritual, or diluting something sacred. […]

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