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Pi relationships, and understanding the mind

It’s 3/14: Happy Pi (π) day! π is a fascinating number, often rounded off to 3.14, that is instrumental in determining the relationship between the width of a circle and the circumference of that circle, the area of the field the circle surrounds, and the volume of the sphere that the 3D version of the […]

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Yoga and Emotions

How is emotional development connected with Surya Namaskar? I saw this question on, and felt inspired to answer.  The emotional benefits of any of the yoga forms, including the sun salutation surya namaskar, are that when we have trouble with some of our emotions, there is a tendency to avoid them, and the way we […]

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Yoga of Savoring

What times! Our culture and economy seem to be going through large shifts right now, hopefully breaking up with some old toxic patterns. Locally, many people in my various circles are going through their changes as well: moving, business and relationship shifts, studio closures, and the like. These are fairly turbulent times, and chances are […]

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Your pain is your power

It’s 4am. I just woke up from an intense dream, where I leaving an enormous shopping mall, and when I got back to my parking spot, I found the huge 1980’s station wagon that I had borrowed from a friend, swinging 7 feet in the air, suspended from some kind of massive amateurish steel and […]

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Unlearning Patriarchy

It is time for men to step up and unlearn the destructive ways we have been taught. Let’s work together, learn from the marginalized, move forward. This is mostly a “Coming soon” page.  Look forward to a wealth of resources and community to help transition us to a healthy world.

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Seeing Clearly When Triggered

Trigger warning:  this is all about triggers. It was one of the hardest things I’d tried to teach.  To teach a class for a popular teacher is hard enough.  The students don’t already know me, and people are rarely totally open to a teacher that is new to them.  To make it more challenging, this was […]

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Ending Suffering

I attended a beautiful meditation gathering last Friday, and after we sat, they posed a question to the group about what ways pain had been transformative for us.  I don’t think they knew that the previous weeks had been one of the most painful periods of my life.  Emotionally, I had been grieving Jerry Candelaria […]

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Post Election Trauma Yoga

Post Election Trauma Yoga Out here in the Berkeley area, I, and most of the people I’ve talked to, have anxiety about Trump’s election. People tend to be braced for the worst, depressed, and grieving. So what does yoga have offer us in this situation? Plenty. First of all, yoga is about the present. Yoga […]

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Fear of Safety and Bliss

I took a training a while back for workshop leaders to improve the workshops and retreats I’m leading, and during the intensive weekend, when we were talking about marketing, he asked what people get from my workshop, and I shared in front of the group that it was about intimacy, and he said vehemently that NOBODY […]

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Have I helped you?

If you’ve been to my class or met me for a private session, and are following up with me here, then chances are good I’ve helped you in some way. I’d like to know more about it. Please take a moment to answer a few questions so I can help you and others like you […]

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