Embody Your Potential

break-througha seed
pure potential
lies dormant
safe, listening
awaiting ideal conditions
to crack open
and live the life
it’s meant to live

cracking open
protective shell
roots down roots
shoots up shoots
nourishing, exploring
formerly dormant potential
living fully
as beautiful life
until death

the space between
our accomplishments
and our full capacity
will be filled
with the rest
of our lives

don’t confuse
your history
with your potential
the dense tension within
is your dormant power

The idea that we are the sum of our past, that we can look at our past and know something about ourselves, is somewhat useful, but largely misleading.  We can’t know how high a tree will grow by looking at how tall it is.  We can look at how tall others have grown for an idea of what will come, but with trees, and even more so with humans, it is very hard to tell what’s truly possible to accomplish with the right nutrition and guidance. Our past is NOT who we are, it is what we have had time to express so far.    When we let go of clinging to our past, we can launch forward into our future, we can course correct a little bit, even set whole new directions. With the trees, you can see the potential of how tall it can get by looking at other trees.  With humans, we can get some idea of our potential by looking at what others have accomplished… how dramatically we can turn our lives around at any age, how much love we can take, how much money we can make, how much difference we can create, how fast we can run, how beautiful our creations can be…… it is foolish to look backwards and limit ourselves by what we’ve had time and training for.  We will keep growing until we die. The one thing that is for sure in every life so far, with so many areas that we could be expert in, no one person has ever accomplished greatness in all of them.  Do not judge yourself by what you have not already done.  If it’s important to you, turn that judgment into action, and take steps towards the life you want to live. Be unstoppable.  Get support.  Repeat.


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