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Public Class Schedule

M     5:15-6:15pm    @arise yoga
Tu   4:30-5:30pm   @arise yoga
W  12:00-1:00pm    @Garden in Berkeley +
                                     simulcast on zoom

Sa   9:30am             @arise yoga



What you should know about yoga


The practices are designed to cultivate, then challenge, that state of mind.

The quality of the yoga mindstate is calm, clear, and present: undistorted by past impressions or future predictions.

You might recognize it as the “rest/relax/rejuvinate” state as compared to the “fight/flight/freeze” alternative.  You might also call it a state of love instead of fear.


When we are in that present yoga state, we are in a position to choose.  When present, we can making choices instead operating out of habit.  We can respond rather than react which offers us access to our full power.


The three basic reactions are:

  • dominate: to control the situation to our outcome, the end justifies the means
  • withdraw: to control by exiting, either physically leaving the situation/pose or daydreaming
  • submit: to say yes when you mean no, to accept without question


Our freedom is limited in two ways: physical reality, and through self-limiting beliefs and commitments.  Physical reality limitations are our playing field, they are the rules of the game.  The range of motion of your joints, your relationship to the gravitational field, the laws of physics, the number of limbs you are gifted with, etc.  Where yoga is most fun to play with is in letting go of the limiting beliefs and discovering that we are far freer than we’ve experienced.