I meet with people privately in two contexts:  Private yoga and life coaching.

IMG_6911Private yoga

Private yoga sessions go something like this: we spend a moment talking about what’s been going on in your body, and what you want to focus on (which we can save time by doing over email).
The kind of sessions I lead fall into a few categories:
  • Therapeutic:
    • we start with some basic specific stretches outside of any formal asana (posture) to prepare the affected area without stressing it, learning what needs to be strengthened and what needs to relax to create balance.  We then practice bringing what we learned from those adjustments into the postures.  I’ll come up with specific postures to help hone and challenge those skills based on your specific needs.
  • Focus
    • Some people have a specific posture that they’ve been on the edge of for longer than they think is necessary, and want to know what that little thing is that will set them free.
  • Expansive
    • Some people are really experienced, and want me to watch their practice and point out any enhancements, clear up any bad habits, and find new areas to explore.
  • Emotional
    • Some sessions are more emotional in nature – someone’s going through a challenge somewhere in their life and want a practice that helps guide them and steady their course.  We explore the emotions in words and where they’re experienced in their body, and get creative around what will set them free.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is for you if you have a goal in mind and want some support getting there.  When we notice we want something, we are immediately present to what it’s like not to have our lives the way we want it.  We also can catch a glimpse of the patterns that keep it from already being there.

I work with my clients to create the habits and ways of being that get them the results they want.

What makes coaching with me unique is that I use an embodied approach, reading your body and giving you practices to embody the part of you who will succeed.

Introduction: We meet and get a deeper sense of what you actually want, and how to get there, and find out whether I would be a good support for you.  

Growth rocket: in person every week, unlimited phone and email support:

Slow and steady: in person every other week with email exchanges on alternate weeks:

Time freedom: We exchange emails approximately once a week, you get to declare your current concerns, overall direction, progress and setbacks, and I reflect and support:

Boost: meet with me now and again. Pay as you go.

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