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inserting intention

Prayer for Agnostics

I heard a song my incredibly talented friend in an Instagram post: my thoughts become my reality my thoughts become my reality my mind is always thinking better give it something good ’cause my thoughts become my reality ~Adey Bell I was not raised to believe in the power of prayer. The neighborhood I grew […]

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Yoga teacher confesses: stretching is bad for you

If you take a rubberband with a knot in it and pull on each end, what happens? It gets longer from end to end, but the knot in the middle gets tighter. The typical body is filled with tension.  The act of forcing bodies into exaggerated shapes not only drives the tension deeper in, but also tugs and […]

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Resolution Hurdling

Today I am writing about New Years Resolutions, and how yoga practice supports the growth you want… There is a tradition here about setting New Years resolutions, and a trend of people not even bothering because: who keeps them anyhow?  People have made enough broken promises to themselves, why make one more? WHY BOTHER? Because we know there is […]

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