Every thoughtful word David utters speaks directly to my heart.  He has an incredible gift of gently nudging old thought patterns off of their track and replacing them with possibility, self-acceptance, hope, love, and tenderness.   I suffer from the common condition of believing that I need to be perfect, I need to do more, and despite evidence to the contrary, I’m not quite good enough as I am.  I came to Yoga to help heal that.  From my very first class with David, he was able to connect my stuck and limiting thought patterns with complimentary asana, to show me how to open my body, my mind, and my heart.  His vast knowledge of anatomy allows him to instruct me in subtle changes in my poses so that I can go from clenching and straining to deep unfolding, and lengthening.
I also take private sessions with David.  This work has been the most transformative.  With his guidance and direction, I have been able to recover from a complex mystery illness (where the ONLY time I felt at peace in my body and mind was during our session), I have gained awareness of my destructive patterns and feel more able to make loving and healthy choices for myself, I have been able to visualize and articulate what I want my life to look like in the future, I have been able to look at my self with less judgement and criticism, and most importantly, I have began to cultivate REAL love for myself.  I feel so grateful and fortunate to have David to help me along this path.  Just like I would never be able to trust someone who had never had a weight problem to assist me in losing weight, I would never turn to someone to coach me in changing my life’s patterns who only knew in theory what it is like to struggle, and strive for change. David LIVES the principals he teaches.  He has experienced great tragedy and pain, and through his willingness to be vulnerable and honest, he has developed a powerful voice, a vibrant practice, and delivers (to those lucky enough to hear it) a message of “yes, you can!”
If you are stuck in a life that doesn’t bring you joy, if you want to deepen your Yoga practice, and deepen your life experience, if you want your life to reflect the love you have for yourself. Go see David.  Let the healing begin.