I am so glad that I get to write a testimonial about David’s life-enhancing, bliss-expanding, strength-building, soul-opening yoga classes.  I started attending class with him on my birthday, when he gently and lovingly guided me into meeting — and then exploring beyond — a particular physical edge.  That experience, one of *possibility* around what my body could do and be, was the greatest birthday present ever.  It is a gift that David gives every time he teaches a yoga class: deep wisdom about, and joyful faith in, the capacity of human beings to grow, expand, release what is no longer serving.

In the few short months that I have practiced yoga with him I have noticed a marked increase in my strength and flexibility; I also have noticed myself applying insights I’ve heard him share to different situations in my life, with great benefit.  David is an amazing teacher!  Don’t miss the chance to learn from or work with him.