xraylotusThings I especially appreciate:

1.  Precision.  For me, precise alignment is very important (maybe I get this from all of those ballet classes?) and I feel that you pay the right kind of attention to where the body is in space without making a yoga class or session feel like a geometry lesson.

2.  Professionalism.  Your communications are timely and friendly, you provide easy ways to schedule and stay in touch, and the video record is a helpful teaching tool.  I also feel like you are a teacher who is always “professionally developing” or not simply content with what you’ve always done but rather learning/applying, learning/applying….so, too #3 — Passion!

3.  No P here.  No other way to say it than that you are good at what you do.  I haven’t actually taken that many of your classes since I am more available in the evenings and I also do most of my practice at home, but when I do go to class, I don’t just practice, I really learn things that I can use for weeks, months, forever afterward.  That is, of course, intensified in a private session.