I’ve been attending David’s noon yoga sessions at 7th Heaven Yoga for several months, and have found him to be a wise, compassionate, and deeply intuitive instructor. I feel physically wonderful after these sessions, and beyond that, he always seems to know exactly the right thing to say to help me feel mentally great as well. He’ll have a pertinent parable from the life of his teenage daughter or just the right story from a conversation on the street, and it always causes me to introspect and absorb the calming morsels of wisdom into my generally overdriven brain.

I recently had the opportunity to have two private yoga sessions with David. He had an uncanny ability to read my fears in my posture and spot my unhelpful habits (physical and mental) in my motions. Because he is so deeply intuitive, I felt like we achieved several breakthroughs even in the mere hour I spent in each session. I have found this time with him enormously helpful — I’m much more conscious of my posture, the ways I normally hold myself and habitually move, and perhaps most importantly, the emotionally unhelpful habits I hadn’t noticed before. David knows how to transcend mere exercise; he is able to help people on every level. I feel deeply grateful to be able to study with him and I look forward to becoming much healthier, calmer, and happier through our work together.

Jeannette B.