David is wonderful. He knows his yoga asanas (poses) and anatomy very well, and can quickly see what the student needs and how to directly address any adjustments, either with physical contact (his adjustments are phenomenal) or just with very effective and easy to understand explanations. His real skill comes from a blending of his yoga practice (physical, spiritual and emotional), and his life coaching skills. He’s laid back, playful, caring, and enthusiastic, bringing a wonderful humor and wisdom to every class. He’s always excelling himself in his personal practices, and brings his many years of experience and training to each and every session; he brings the deeper meaning of the practice of yoga to life, holding space and guiding one through the practice to a more joyous and open place. Every class I’ve taken with David has been inspired and unique; he never falls into a standard routine or series. I usually walk away with at least one new tool or technique to elevate my practice. He’ll leave you feeling cared for and held. Highly recommended.