I encountered David at Namaste yoga, where he was filling in for a colleague.

In comparison to instructors at several other studios in Berkeley and Oakland that I frequent, David was superior.

There are a few things about David that make him uniquely gifted:

1. he is perceptive — he looks and listens carefully to individuals, and constantly gauges and adapts to the energies of the room.

2. his spiritual insights are deep — the philosophy that he brings into the class is easily-graspable, but not watered down or lifestyle oriented, or drawing from the type of self-help that reducing learning to reassuringly quick platitudes.

3. his hands are connective — when he places them on your body for posture correction, they feel like extension of your own system, aligning it, tuning it, pushing it beyond the limits that your mind has arbitrarily created.

In conclusion, this is a man who lives yoga as a core component of his life, and is immersed in its teaching and wisdom. I highly recommend a class with him to restore one’s sense of yoga as a total personal discipline.