julie-anne-schlachterDavid has been an intricate part of my yoga experience here in the bay area. I stumbled upon his class at 7th heaven studio in Berkeley by happenstance and couldn’t be happier. David has an amazing way of tying in all the aspects of yoga that I love so gracefully. He is specific about aligning the body properly with direct and understandable anatomy cues, while also reminding the students to open up their hearts to each moment. It is a balance of acceptance and gratitude that allows me to enjoy my body, my mind, and my heart while trying new asanas. David makes me smile in the most challenging of postures and reminds me to be fully aware of each moment, even those when i fall flat on my face. I have had the pleasure of working one-on-one with David and he has helped me recover from an injury. It is his patience, listening, and knowledge that helped me heal, both physically and mentally. David is truly a wonderful yoga teacher and friend.