From a very young age I used to be dancer, that was my love and passion. I performed in a dance company as a teenager and during that time I pulled my hamstring and injured something….. I didn’t have time to properly heal or attend to it as I had to get back up and perform. I ignored this injury and in college became a dance major, dancing hours every day, until at some point my body gave in to the injury and forced me to stop. I had extreme back pain for a long time and had to give up my major.

I never went back to dancing, and gave up on my body on some level, feeling that it had failed me and disappointed me at the deepest level possible. I found other outlets, I took up Taiko drumming for a few years, but never really felt like I could inhabit my body again. Truthfully, I didn’t really want to. My body failed me and it was in my way and I had to go on with my life managing it and keeping it out of my way.

It was only 5 months ago that I decided I needed something more than the workout I was doing and decided to try yoga. I walked into David’s yoga class without any real expectations. I had some curiosity about yoga (which I only took a few times before) and a little bit of hope that my body will feel a little better. To my complete shock and surprise David’s classes have given me a new perspective on my life, my mind and my body. This was beyond anything I dared to hope for or want for myself-healing! David has restored my faith in the power and capacity my body has. For 20 years I walked around feeling that my back injury is a permanent condition which limits me and I have to come to terms with-that it is part of me. I no longer feel that that is true I feel that healing is possible. David has a way of encouraging me to push beyond the edge of what I think I can do and then beyond that, showing me that my minds stops me where my body is ready to go further. He often talks about the benefits of going straight into the places where we most fear and avoid and push the edge right there-so we can achieve healing. This has worked for me. David has changed the way I view my ability to heal as my back has already changed so much and the discomfort I have experienced for so long is also changing. David creates an environment that feels very safe and supportive so pushing myself to my limit feels possible. He is right there to catch me if I fall, (literally and figuratively). His philosophy, wisdom and support creates a space for me to feel challenged, capable and powerful and walk out into the world feeling hopeful about the healing that is happening.