I like how you focus and listen, keep eye contact, ask questions, make suggestions for action: clearing clutter, making important phone calls, how to be a relevant aunt.

I no longer say “sort of” or “kind of.”

You don’t give up, you explore another ways, and you introduced me to negotiating & re-negotiating if necessary.

You use all your senses and gave me practices how to do it. I really like your instruction to keep eyes closed & feel inside.

Your stories, anecdotes, quotes and books are apt, always.

You emote, are accessible, humane — neither judgmental nor disagreeable. Your facial expression articulates your thought, which helps to take distractions away. The few times your expression looks less interested, it’s usually because I’m talking too much.

You’re a model for males being fit, open-hearted, good posture, reliable husband and father who’s also fun & cool.

You picked up on my varying levels of self-confidence unwittingly reminding me what parents & teachers used to say: “have the courage of your convictions,” thanks for that!