lisa-hydeI recently found myself in a very stressful situation. I had begun a new job, my husband had left the country for 5 months, and I was new to town. When things began to get overwhelming at work I felt I had nowhere to turn and no one to turn to for help. I had attended two or three of David’s noon yoga classes and was always impressed with his very realistic yet always calm and enthusiastic interpretations of the world around us. He happened to mention life coaching as one of his many talents and while I had always been very skeptical of this practice, I knew the moment he said it that I was supposed to connect with him to help me find the answers I needed. We worked very hard together and he gently guided me through some pretty ugly places in my psyche until I found that I could give myself permission to be an advocate for myself and my talents. He helped me to see my personal situations clearly and find the answers that were laying within.  He helped me to drop an anchor in my life and ride out some rough seas and I truly believe that he helped me avoid a meltdown of bad choices and regrets. All through our time together David encouraged me to keep notes and do homework in my journal and I find myself turning to those pages and entries to focus from day to day as issues come up. Beyond the help he has given me as a professional I know that I have made a friend  who has my best interest at heart. It is a joy to know this man.