David is an amazing practitioner with many gifts and talents that he uniquely blends together dependent on the needs of the individual he is working with. His grounded, playful, down-to-earth, emotionally-attuned and sensitive way of being makes it easy to transform old, stale physical and emotional blocks into new and joyous ways of being and relating. it is a profound gift to work with David!

I initially sought support from David to help strengthen my shoulder after a chronic injury. Though he worked with me on alignment and posture which helped to physically support my shoulder, we very quickly were also able to delve deeply into the emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions of this injury. In our very first private, I experienced a profound release of an old emotional block that I had been holding for years. Since then, David has continued to support me in contacting old patterns that are not serving me anymore and finding new ways of stepping into my power, beauty and strength. What I love about David’s work is that it is a true testament to the possibility of the mind, body and spirit working together in alignment. David embodies this himself and also is able to work within all of these modes in a fluid and potent way. David’s yoga classes also embody this spirit–I always walk away with a deeper sense of myself and my body, and a new insight about my life and spiritual path. His classes are also just pure fun, play and joy!