xraylotusI really enjoyed your class last week.  It motivated me, in fact, to come back again this week , . . . and that’s not so easy to do!  Only today there was a young lady there with a completely different Yoga style to offer.  A perfectly fine one in fact, it just didn’t leave me, for whatever reason, feeling the same way I did upon leaving  yours.  I’m not sure I can even describe to you what exactly the diffence was.  I only know that when I arrived back at work soon after your class that my body had this wonderfully stretched out feeliing,  as though the tension and stress of life that had been building up in my muscles and joints had just fallen away.  Dave, I’m over 50 yrs. old and have been doing exercising vigorously my whole  (well almost anyway) life.  I’ve been training daily in a rather strenuous form of aikido for the last 10yrs. but I’ve never done anything that left me feeling as invigorated as your class did.  Admittedly, it slowly faded along with the setting sun, but nonetheless, it left me with a deep desire to capture that feeling again!
Til next time!