David is an outstanding yoga teacher who helps me find more sensitive awareness in yoga. He often knows just how to show me learn and stretch more deeply into the posture. David gives each person in the class so much personal attention. He tells wonderful and inspiring stories about his beautiful children!

David teaches wonderful yoga classes. He will encourage you to hold a pose for longer than you think you can. He will guide you to focus deeply inside of yourself and to find the most that you can from each pose. He does not just tell you which pose to do; he explains and adjusts with his hands and attention. I really appreciate David’s combination of humor and kindness. He is not one of those all too common self-righteous culture rapist yoga teachers who think they are a guru, but take on the tone of a Christian preacher. He won’t make you sit there listening to egotistical pontification when take a break from your busy day to do yoga and listen to the quiet of your own heart. David will help you do yoga and listen to the silence within.
He is funny and empathetic. A great work out and a marvelous teacher!