When I found your class i was specifically looking for a slower, more attentive & unique yoga style. I had done the more rigorous hot yoga & felt I reached a point of diminishing returns. Especially since I got into yoga for the mental benefits. The way you set up and explain the class helped me challenge my mind and it’s limiting beliefs. it was on par w my concurring process of deconstructing ego and it’s spawn, fear. That endeavor can be downright repugnant for most of us at most times. I think you said something yourself about a spooked student not coming back or something because of essentially that. The class was so powerful for me because I was not only open to that kind of growth experience but I was actively searching for it. [The class is for] people who are invested in spiritual, psychological, emotional growth even when it’s unpleasant. people who are interested in getting down to the details, and deal w/ their shadow side.