The New House of Forgiveness

If I was lucky enough to inherit a house that was livable, yet needed a lot of work, I’m sure I’d simply accept it, move in, and put in the time and energy to make it mine.  While I may wonder about some of the mediocre repair and decor choices, I’d be so thrilled, I’d just have to forgive them.  Besides, if I reject it, that opportunity is lost.

Similarly, I can think of who I am today as someone I inherited from a younger, less mature, version of myself.  While I may find some aspects of my life hard to look at, if I reject them, I run into two problems.  First, I can’t work on the parts that need it the most if I block access to them.  Second, as they are inseparable from the rest of me, how can I leverage all the goodness I already am, and help myself live more of my potential, if I am partially rejecting myself?  It’s like driving with the emergency brake on.

What I’m doing for myself, and what I’m trying to offer you today, is to forgive the younger, less mature version of yourself.  Forgive them for only having the time, energy, skills, etc to tend to their house the way they could at the time.   They have left you with an incredible asset.  A relatively mature, somewhat healthy adult human body, capable of multitudes, provided we accept the resources we have, and take steps forward from here.  It’s the only place we can take a step forward from!

Accept the position you’re in, and get to work taking this worthy, well lived in body, mind, and spirit, and help them reach their potential.  They say everything you need to take the next step forward is right where you are.



    Very wise words at just the right moment…as usual.
    Thank you David

  2. Michael de Zayas

    A fun and vivid metaphor. Cheers, David!


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