Try some of these recordings to assist your home practice.

Enjoy.  Share.  Let me know how it goes in my comments…

Breath Relaxation Meditation

“I just spent the last hour (repeatedly) meditating to your breathing audio. …. You have a powerful ability to take people into their bodies without judgment. I shared the audio with a friend who never meditates and who sat through the whole thing, stunned.”

Yoga for Dudes

I created Yoga for Dudes as an introduction to help get men going on their path to understanding how to be in their bodies painlessly.  I teach all the fundamentals you’d need to know to be able to step into a class and know what to do.

“I am so thankful that I found Yoga for Dudes. I have a bad back and the Yoga for Dudes DVD has been instrumental in easing my lower back soreness. Perhaps more importantly, Yoga for Dudes is a great introductory to the world of yoga and its many benefits. I was intimidated to try yoga until I found David, who makes practicing yoga simple and understandable for a dude like me, all the while providing a great workout and instant stress reduction. ” – Nick

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